Little Learners was founded by Miss Rhea, a professional dancer, dance teacher, registered school teacher with the Toronto Catholic School Board and a parent like you!

Little Learners Academy was created to fill a need for her own children.

Miss Rhea was looking for an English/French preschool with a strong foundation in the arts and artistic expression.

Failing to find a program to fit her family needs, she set out to create one and Little Learners, English/French preschool for the arts was born. 


The preschool was founded in 2020 as a virtual service to families and children.

The preschool will now operate in-person out of the Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre studio facility.

It provides a place where preschoolers can discover and learn through play.

We believe that children at this age benefit most from a play-based education where they are given the freedom to explore, interact, and discover at their own pace and according to their own interests.

Simultaneously children are interacting with others and mastering new skills.

They also benefit from the instruction and guidance of trained caring adult in an English/French arts based environment.

For parents, the preschool provides the opportunity to prepare young children for French Immersion, Full-Time French School and to give young children exposure to both of Canada's official languages.

A child's preschool experience can help shape the direction his or her future, so why not give your child great start.


Little Learners Academy is a clean, bright and welcoming dance studio that quickly transitions to a preschool classroom with age appropriate furniture and activity centres.

We have carefully curated a selection of age-appropriate toys, books activities and arts & crafts.