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Is Creative Connexions and Little Learners Academy a registered daycare with the Ministry of Education?

No. Creative Connexions and Little Learners Academy a licensed with the Ministry of Education. We do not offer daycare services and we do not operate as a daycare. 

Parent/caregiver is asked to remain on site. Participation is optional.

To learn more about Ontario Daycares, click here: CCEYA.

Costs and availability

  • Do you have space for my child? If not, is there a waiting list and how long is it?
    Yes, we currently have space for new students. We do not currently have a waitlist.

  • How much does it cost? Are there additional fees?  Are extra costs for holidays, sick days, late pick-up or registration fees?
    Tuition is $225-$325 for 4 weeks of programming. There are no additional fees. We are closed on all holidays. There are no refunds for missed days. There is a $2 per minute late pick up fee. There are no registration fees.

  • Are there subsidized spots available?
    We are not a daycare and do not offer subsidy. 

  • Do you offer full-time and part-time enrolment?
    Our program is 5 hours or 7.5 hours a week. There is no option for a longer program.

  • How flexible are pick-up and drop-off times?
    We are not a daycare. We encourage parents/caregivers to stay on site either participating in class, waiting in our lobby or nearby.

  • How do staff and child care providers communicate with parents and when can parents visit?
    We communicate via our monthly newsletter, periodic emails and face-to-face conversations.

Health and safety

  • Are you licensed or unlicensed?
    We are not a daycare and are unlicensed by the Ministry of Education. 

  • How many children do you have spots?
    Each cohort has a maximum of 9 students and one adult leader.

  • How do you ensure the health of children? For example, what are your cleaning practices and COVID-19 safety protocols?
    • Answer:

  • What happens when a child is sick?
    Please do not bring a sick child to the program. If a child appears to be unwell, the parent/caregiver will be asked to take the child home.

  • What safety measures are in place? Ask about fire extinguishers, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, first aid kits, safety gates and plugs.
    • Answer:

  • What is your emergency evacuation plan?
    • Answer:

Food and nutrition

  • Do you offer an anaphylaxis plan for children with severe allergies?
    We have an anaphylaxis plan for children with severe allergies. Please discuss this upon registration. 

  • What kinds of snacks do you provide?
    Once our cohorts have been created, and food allergies/sensitivities have been discussed, we will prepare a snack plan for the program. The snack plan will be shared with parents/caregivers at least one month in advance as well as posted on the little learners bulletin board. 

  • Is food prepared on-site or catered in?
    All snack provided are considered "no cook" and are served at room temperature. 

  • Are certain foods not allowed on-site? For example, do you allow nuts or other allergens?
    We are a nut-free facility.

  • Can you accommodate our family's dietary needs?
    Yes we can accommodate dietary needs. This will be discussed upon enrolment. 

  • Can my child bring food from home?
    No, we do not allow food from home.

Learning and play

  • What will my child do throughout the day?
    • Answer: 

  • How do play materials support learning, creativity and social interaction?
    • Answer:

  • Is there both indoor and outdoor play?
    The majority of the time play will be indoor. When weather permits classes may take place outside.

  • How are different cultural traditions integrated into the program?
    • Answer:

  • How are family members involved in the program?
    • Answer:

  • What happens if a child is angry or upset?
    • Answer:

We provide an environment that supports children's learning through play and exploration.

Family involvement is important and we welcomed and encourage families to be involved.

Staff qualifications

  • What qualifications or training do staff and providers have? For example, are staff registered Early Childhood Educators?
    Our staff qualifications range from Ontario Certified teachers to ECE professionals. We also have fully certified bilingual  french educators to assist the professionals in ensuring the authenticity of the program.

  • Does someone on-site have first aid certification including infant or child CPR?
    All instructors are equipped with their CPR and first aid.

  • What happens when the staff or provider is sick or away?
    We have a group of qualified staff ready to take the place and fill in for other staff members.
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Wanna know the best kept secret about Little Learners Academy?

Shhhh.... We offer a parent co-working space for registered students. ⭐️ YAY! ⭐️


Flexible Co-working Solution for Parents working remotely.

We support you working remotely by providing you a flexible, yet reliable, safe and welcoming shared workspace and community of like-minded parents AND we support children by providing a safe, creative space for learning, making friends and having fun!

You can get focused time to work on, and in, your business/career, resulting in a thriving work/life balance..

It's Brilliant!

  • Kids learning and having fun...
  • Parents working and being productive...
  • What could be better? 

Get our work done - Together!

The whole process of co-working together will help dismantle your loneliness and can even make you happier! Yes, a study proved it. Co-working makes us happier, and smarter too!

Here are the benefits for you:

  • Focused time 
  • Meet other parents
  • Activities for kids (so you can focus without interruption  🙌)
  • Get work done guilt-free
  • Have more clarity
  • Be happier
  • Never be more then 50 feet away from your child (he/she is safely in the next room with an instructor 👍)

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine if you could get focused time to be productive and deep dive into your work.

Imagine if you could be away (not too far away) from your child so your mind could be clear to set goals and plan a way to achieve them.

Imagine if you could work guilt-free, because you know your little one is have a good time learning and making friends.

Imagine if you didn't have to navigate all of this alone, and you could be a part of a community of like-minded parents trying to balance their workload alongside raising their kids.

Imagine if you could stop feeling lonely and isolated while working at home and have the opportunity to be happier.

Imagine if you could finally have a real work-life balance.

Our Space

  • Find a spot at a desk
  • Bring your device and get blazing fast WiFi
  • Enjoy unlimited coffee/tea/water cooler
  • Have access to Scan/Print/Fax Machines

The Cost

  • $20/day (paid monthly with Little Learners Academy tuition)
  • Add-on "Parent Co-working Space" when you sign-up for Little Learner Academy. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our community and enabling you to get work done!

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