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The Curriculum was specifically designed for Little Learners Academy by Miss Rhea, amazing dancer, teacher and mom.

It emphasizes the importance of activating the WHOLE BODY to create new understanding of the traditional learning concepts. This creative approach to learning is research-based and proven to enhance the OVERALL DEVELOPMENT of the child (physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally).

All of the skills and knowledge needed for Kindergarten will be developed in a creative and English/French immersive manner. During creative activity, the whole brain is activated, therefore increasing cognitive learning and communication.

B is for BUILDING: 
Developing gross motor skills through movement and dance.

R is for RHYME & REASON: 
Encouraging cognitive development, as well as language development.

Promoting and enhancing positive social skills through play, communication, and working together.

G is for GO FOR IT:
Building independence and self-esteem.

H is for HANDS ON:
We use our hands to encourage curiosity of the visual arts in our everyday world.

T is for THEATRE: 
Expressing feelings and relationships through music, drama and performance opportunities

Ms. Rhea About Program Tuition FAQs Register

Wanna know the best kept secret about Little Learners Academy?

Shhhh.... We offer a parent co-working space for registered students. ⭐️ YAY! ⭐️


Flexible Co-working Solution for Parents working remotely.

We support you working remotely by providing you a flexible, yet reliable, safe and welcoming shared workspace and community of like-minded parents AND we support children by providing a safe, creative space for learning, making friends and having fun!

You can get focused time to work on, and in, your business/career, resulting in a thriving work/life balance..

It's Brilliant!

  • Kids learning and having fun...
  • Parents working and being productive...
  • What could be better? 

Get our work done - Together!

The whole process of co-working together will help dismantle your loneliness and can even make you happier! Yes, a study proved it. Co-working makes us happier, and smarter too!

Here are the benefits for you:

  • Focused time 
  • Meet other parents
  • Activities for kids (so you can focus without interruption  🙌)
  • Get work done guilt-free
  • Have more clarity
  • Be happier
  • Never be more then 50 feet away from your child (he/she is safely in the next room with an instructor 👍)

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine if you could get focused time to be productive and deep dive into your work.

Imagine if you could be away (not too far away) from your child so your mind could be clear to set goals and plan a way to achieve them.

Imagine if you could work guilt-free, because you know your little one is have a good time learning and making friends.

Imagine if you didn't have to navigate all of this alone, and you could be a part of a community of like-minded parents trying to balance their workload alongside raising their kids.

Imagine if you could stop feeling lonely and isolated while working at home and have the opportunity to be happier.

Imagine if you could finally have a real work-life balance.

Our Space

  • Find a spot at a desk
  • Bring your device and get blazing fast WiFi
  • Enjoy unlimited coffee/tea/water cooler
  • Have access to Scan/Print/Fax Machines

The Cost

  • $20/day (paid monthly with Little Learners Academy tuition)
  • Add-on "Parent Co-working Space" when you sign-up for Little Learner Academy. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our community and enabling you to get work done!

Ms. Rhea About Program Tuition FAQs Register