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Little Learners Academy in Ajax is driven by core values that shape our learning experiences.

We are committed to:

Innovative Learning: Creating meaningful and memorable instruction will allow for children to immerse fully in the ideas at hand. Children are motivated and challenged to think critically and openly.

Creative Expression: With art, music, movement at our core, Little Learners Academy in Ajax implements learning activities that dig deeper into our imagination. Children gain skills in problem solving, developing new ideas, and ultimately an enhanced imagination. Creative learning prepares students for life beyond the classroom!

Whole Child Development: Learning through the arts activates the whole body, and is key to total comprehension. The activities and learning that take place at Little Learners Academy in Ajax focuses on the growth of ALL areas of the child. Independence and high self-esteem is developed as the children are supported to grow cognitively, socially, and emotionally.

Lifelong, Successful Learners: Our children are provided with developmentally appropriate learning experiences to prepare them for further learning. Differentiated learning takes place to ensure each child is receiving the instruction needed to succeed. Not only are our children equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful learners, but they are instilled with a love for learning. Our teachers serve as co-learners and collaborators, indicating that there is always a time and place for learning.

Family Partnerships: You are your child’s first teacher! Little Learners Academy values communication with families, in order to gain a full view of each child. With a strong relationship and collaboration with families, our teachers are able to fully understand and attend to each child. We find family involvement to be highly beneficial for the overall learning and development of the children, thus we provide ample opportunities for families to be a part of our learning experience. 

Ms. Rhea About Program Tuition FAQs Register

Wanna know the best kept secret about Little Learners Academy?

Shhhh.... We offer a parent co-working space for registered students. ⭐️ YAY! ⭐️


Flexible Co-working Solution for Parents working remotely.

We support you working remotely by providing you a flexible, yet reliable, safe and welcoming shared workspace and community of like-minded parents AND we support children by providing a safe, creative space for learning, making friends and having fun!

You can get focused time to work on, and in, your business/career, resulting in a thriving work/life balance..

It's Brilliant!

  • Kids learning and having fun...
  • Parents working and being productive...
  • What could be better? 

Get our work done - Together!

The whole process of co-working together will help dismantle your loneliness and can even make you happier! Yes, a study proved it. Co-working makes us happier, and smarter too!

Here are the benefits for you:

  • Focused time 
  • Meet other parents
  • Activities for kids (so you can focus without interruption  🙌)
  • Get work done guilt-free
  • Have more clarity
  • Be happier
  • Never be more then 50 feet away from your child (he/she is safely in the next room with an instructor 👍)

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine if you could get focused time to be productive and deep dive into your work.

Imagine if you could be away (not too far away) from your child so your mind could be clear to set goals and plan a way to achieve them.

Imagine if you could work guilt-free, because you know your little one is have a good time learning and making friends.

Imagine if you didn't have to navigate all of this alone, and you could be a part of a community of like-minded parents trying to balance their workload alongside raising their kids.

Imagine if you could stop feeling lonely and isolated while working at home and have the opportunity to be happier.

Imagine if you could finally have a real work-life balance.

Our Space

  • Find a spot at a desk
  • Bring your device and get blazing fast WiFi
  • Enjoy unlimited coffee/tea/water cooler
  • Have access to Scan/Print/Fax Machines

The Cost

  • $20/day (paid monthly with Little Learners Academy tuition)
  • Add-on "Parent Co-working Space" when you sign-up for Little Learner Academy. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our community and enabling you to get work done!

Ms. Rhea About Program Tuition FAQs Register